Warning Letters to Contractor for slow or unsatisfactory job!

See, How to write to Contractor for slow progress and poor work.

Here are samples of 'letters and emails' given to the contractor for negligence, delay in work etc. Such letters can be used to inform the contractor about necessary instructions and project deadlines.

Warning Letters to contractor for slow poor work

Samples of different letters to be given to the contractor: 

  1. Letter to contractor for slow work progress. 
  2. Email to contractor for unsatisfactory construction job.

Sample # 1. Letter to contractor for delay or slow progress in construction :


(Receiver's name)

XYZ Construction Inc.,


ON, Canada.

Date 15.12.21


(Sender's name)

Deputy Engineer,

Municipal Corporation,

Ontario, Canada.

Contact Number:

Subject: Regarding slow progress of work allotted to you 'Construction of Centennial Park'.

Dear Mr/Mrs .......... .........,

It is regretted to inform you that the progress of construction of the park by you is very slow. As per the job contract and stipulated conditions, the construction of the park is to be completed in 6 months. As far as the completion of the work is concerned, it has been 5 months but till now even 50 percent of the work has not been completed. In these circumstances, the target set cannot be achieved.

Therefore, you are instructed to make sure to complete the remaining work within 1 month. Liquidated damages will be levied as per the terms of the contract if the work is not completed on time. 

Thanking you.



(Sender's name)

Assistant Engineer,

Municipal Corporation, 

ON, Canada.

Sample # 2. Warning mail to contractor for unsatisfactory construction job.


(Receiver's name)

Project Manager,

ABC Construction Ltd.,

42, Park Avenue.

New York, US.

Date 15.12.21

Subject: Regarding the work of 'Park Avenue Water Supply Scheme' allotted to you not in line with Specification.

Dear Mr/Mrs ............. ..........,

Regarding the above subject, you have to inform that many roads and streets of the city are getting damaged in the course of laying the pipeline by you. This problem is happening due to you leaving surplus soil on the road after laying the pipe and not repairing the broken road. This is causing a lot of inconvenience to the local people.

The above facts were apprised to the supervisor and the engineer present at the construction site, and instructions have been given to improve it several times, but the compliance was not done. It should be known that according to Estimate 15A, which is -............ The pit is to be filled by condensing so that the road is not damaged.

Therefore, you are instructed to take prompt action from your level in this regard and make sure to resolve the problem.

Thanking you. 


(Sender's Signature & name)

Deputy Engineer, City Council,

San Mateo, California, 

United States.

Note: You should modify the contents of these templates according to your requirement.

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