Harsh Reminder Mail for Pending Salary after Resignation! Samples

Learn, how to write a harsh letter for pending salary after resignation?

Writing a mail Reminding for non-payment of salary & security deposit! Sometimes it is seen that after resignation, salary not releases or delay in final settlement. In such a situation, first of all we should try to know what could be the reasons for delay or pendency. 

Harsh mail for pending Salary after resignation
If you have put your problem in front of management and there is no response, you must remind them and think of legal notice for non payment of salary. Below is sample of a Harsh reminder mail for this situation:

Harsh mail / letter for pending Salary after resignation:


(Name of HR executive)

Name of company,


Dear Sir / Madam, 

With reference to the forwarded e-mail, It is to inform you that my security deposit and Pending Salary hasn't been released yet. 

(Name of company) as the employer, are required to refund security deposit after 3 month of 16 Nov.20, But it's been more than 1 year and the same hasn't processed after my many telephonic communication and mails. Recent discussions has made with you and you were in process to solve this issue, but now I don’t getting any response from your end. I am not understanding the reason of such delay. You are not picking up my call or your phone is switched off.  Now I feel harassed due to this.

You are again requested to resolve this matter. If company fail to comply with this request within 10 days, I will have no choice but to file suit for the recovery of security deposit, pending salary, plus treble damages and lawyer's fees. 

Thanking you.

Name of ex employee

Contact No: ....


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Note: You should modify the contents of these templates according to your requirement.

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