Overcharged Electricity bill or Defective meter Complaint Letter Examples

See, How to Write Complaint Letters for excess electricity bill & faulty meter.

Sometimes we have to face the problem of 'excessive electricity bill' coming. Such problem can be due to wrong reading taken, defective meter or any negligence of the concerned electricity office. 

Overcharged Electricity bill or Defective meter Complaint Letter

In such circumstances, we inform the electricity department through complaint letter so that the problem can be resolved. If meter is faulty, we must write for replacement of defective electric meter. If electricity bill is overcharged, we must write for correction in it.

Here's How To Write A Complaint For High Electricity Bill Or Bad Meter:

  1. For complaint of high/overcharged electricity bill (When error is known).
  2. Letter of Complaint about excess electricity billing (When error is unknown).
  3. To replace the electricity meter when it is defective.


Sample 1. Letter of Complaint about overcharged electricity bill


(Receiver's Name or designation)

(Name of electricity department or Company)


Date 15.10.2021


(Sender's details)

(Customer Name & Number)


Subject: Regarding Consumer no.: 101678xxx - bill for USD 6000.

Sir/ Madam, 

I would like to inform you that the electricity bill I received for 'September' month is quite higher than the usual bills I have been paying. The amount mentioned in the bill is USD 6000, which is to be paid. I am quite shocked to receive the electricity bill of overcharged amount. 

It is just not possible to have used so much of electricity in the last two months as I was out of station with my family for twenty days and the house was locked. There seems to be a mistake in the reading for the last month, it is mentioned as 50120 instead of 49120 as the final reading of the last month. As result there is a mistake of 1000 units in the bill.

This is to request to kindly look into the matter and do the needed correction at the earliest. 

List of enclosures:

  1. Copy of this month electricity bill.
  2. Copy of previous month electricity bill.

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,

(Customer signature)

Sample 2. Letter of Complaint for overcharged electricity bill


The Manager, 

Electricity corporation,

California, United States.

Date 15.10.21


Juan David

Consumer Id: xxxxxxxx

3773 Rardin Drive, San Mateo,

California, United States.

Subject: Regarding excess electricity bill.

Sir / Madam, 

I have to inform you through this letter that I am getting very high electricity bill for 2 months which is about USD 2000 is more. There seems to be an unexpected increase in the bill, as I know our electricity consumption is not that high. All our previous bills were in the range of USD 1000 to 1500.

So I request you to kindly look into this matter seriously and send your person to check whether someone is stealing electricity from our meter or the meter is faulty. Please tell me the reason why I am getting such excess bill. I have attached here copy of last electricity bill for your reference.

Thanking you.



Letter of Complaint about overcharged electricity bill

Sample 3. (Application to replace a faulty electric meter)


Electrical Engineer,

Electricity Supply Sub Division,

New Delhi.

Subject: Regarding faulty electricity meter.


You have to inform that meter was installed in my house last year during electricity connection, whose Sr. no. is 12345. For two months, this meter is not displaying the power consumption and its light does not turn on. The people who came to take the meter reading told that the meter is malfunctioning.

When this matter was told to the concerned JE several times, he said that the meter would be changed but it has not been resolved yet. This defective meter needs to be replaced so that the meter reading can be taken.

Therefore, you are requested to take action from your level and kindly get the working meter installed.

Thanking you. 

Yours faithfully,


Consumer name

Consumer number- xxxx

Mobile- 9608xxxx 

Father- ......

Street......, Block- xxxxxx

Pin - xxxxxx, District: xxxxxx

State: xxxxxx

Date: 30.05.2020

Note: You should modify the contents of these templates according to your requirement.

If you have any questions or suggestions, comment below.

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