Letter of Condolence to Express Sympathy | Best 3 Samples of Condolence letter

See, How to Write Letters to Express Condolences.

Some things are not in the hands of human, one of them is the 'Death of someone'. The grief of the loss of a close one is unbearable. 

In such circumstances, you can reduce the grief to some extent by expressing your Sympathy and sending 'Condolence letters' to those who have lost someone.

Here are Few Sample of Condolence letters with deep tribute:

  1. Letter of Condolence on the death of friend's parents.
  2. Letter of Condolence on accidental death.
  3. Condolence letter for friend husband death.

#Sample 1. Letter of Condolence on the death of friend's mother


(Receiver's details) 

Date 10.10.2021

Dear .........., 

I got the news of your mother's death. As soon as I heard the news, all her memories from childhood till now were refreshed in my mind. Your mother was very gentle and cheerful. Everyone liked him because of his good nature. I still remember his smiling face. 

I know that no one can make up for the loss of a mother. But, God probably had this approval and we are all constrained before his will. I am with you in this time of unbearable sorrow. If you need any help from me let me know without any hesitation.

It is my prayer to God that your mother's soul rest in peace and you and the entire family get strength to bear this loss.

With inner sorrow,

Your friend,



1170 South Street, Midland

Texas, United States. 

Sample 2. Letter of Condolence on accidental death


Abraham Jordan, 

170 South Street, Mississauga, 

Ontario, Canada.

Date 15.09.21


Juan David

3773 Rardin Drive, San Mateo,

California, United States.

Mr. Abraham Jordan,

Very sad to hear about the sudden death of your elder brother (his name). I know you two had a very close and you used to mention them often. I know that his age was not yet to leave this world. But, no one has control over death.

My sympathies are with you in this time of adversity. I can understand your sorrow very well. This mountain of sorrows that has fallen on you, may God give you the strength to bear them. Don't consider yourself alone, I am always with you and will try to meet you soon. 

May God grant his soul a place at his feet. 




Letter of Condolence on accidental death

Sample 3. Condolence letter for friend husband death: 


(Receiver's details)

Date 15.10.2021


(Sender's details)

Dear Mr/Mrs .......... ........., 

I am shocked to hear the news of your husband's sudden death. We only met last week and we all spent so much time together. Your husband's energy, his positive thinking and plans for the future are still fresh in my mind. Who knew that meeting would be our last meeting.

Looking at both of you, it seemed that both of you were made for each other. But, who can avert it? What has passed cannot be brought back. No one can fill the void of your husband in your life. But dear friend, now the children are dependent on you and now you have to take care of them.

Wherever your husband is, he will also wish that you all be happy. So take care of yourself, I will come and meet you soon. My heartfelt sympathies are with your family and you. May his soul rest in peace.

With inner sorrow,

Your friend,

(Signature with Name)

What to say when writing a condolences letter:

  1. To whom you are writing for, make them feel that you are with them in this situation as well as offer to help.
  2. Address receiver simply, like if they are older then write them 'Mr./Sir' and if they are younger then write 'Dear' etc.
  3. Try to give the form of words how sad you are about the passing of that person, as well as tell them from where you got this news.
  4. If those who have passed away are close to you, then you can mention the time and memories spent with them in this message.

Note: You should modify the contents of these templates according to your requirement.

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