Apologies to Principal for mistake & breaking rules (letter samples)

Learn, how to write a good letter to the Principal for apology !

Writing a letter to Principal for mistake / misbehavior. Such incidents often happen to us in school, when we or our classmates are caught by teachers misbehaving or wrong doing in class. They are then punished according to school rules or asked to 'write an application for justification or forgiveness'.

It is very important for a student to follow the rules of the school and not to break them intentionally. It may result in suspension from the school. It also creates a bad image of the student.

Here are sample of two letters that you can use according to your own situation:

  1. Apology to Principal for breaking rules.
  2. Letter for apologies for mistake/misbehave.

Sample 1. (Letter for apology from Student to Principal for breaking rules of school.)

To,                                                                                                 Date: 00.00.0000

The Principal,

Name of school,


Sub.: Apology for breaking school rules

Respected Sir / Madam,

I am truly sorry for breaking one of the rules of the school. I was ...(Mention here your own situation), which I later realized to be against the rules of the school and is prohibited.

I deeply regret my actions. I promise not to repeat such incidents in the future and I would follow the rules of the school at all times.

I request you to kindly forgive my fault this one time and give me another chance to prove my worthiness.

Your student,




Roll number:

Name of school:

Father's name:


Apology letter from Student to Principal

Sample 2. (Letter for apology for mistake/misbehavior etc in school.)


The Principal,

ABC High School,

Name of place.

Subject: Regarding apologies for mistake.                     

Respected Sir / Madam,

I humbly request that I (name) is a student of class 7 of your school, apologize to you for my misbehavior in class yesterday.

I acknowledge that I have misbehaved with my classmate / teacher in the classroom / school premises. You must have already been informed by the teacher about this inappropriate behavior I have done. I am sorry for this abuse. I apologize to you and the classmate / teacher concerned and I promise that in future I will never repeat any such act. Also, I will be very sensitive towards discipline.

I hope that you will forgive this mistake and give me an opportunity to improve myself.

Thanking you.

Your obedient student,



Roll Number:

XYZ High School,

City, State.


Note: You should modify the contents of these applications according to your requirement.

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