Leave Request Letter or Email for Attending Funeral | Leave for death in family

Samples and Tips on Writing a Funeral Leave Application Letter? (Bereavement leave)

Unfortunate but unavoidable, death is part of life, and like birthdays and weddings, funerals/burials are also events one has to attend. When a loved one dies, it is important for family and friends to take time off from work and complete their duty towards the deceased.

Writing leave letter or email for death rituals: It is written to inform the concerned person about the sudden demise of your family member or friends. You don’t need to give a lot of details regarding the deceased, just stick to the point. 

Write a reason as to why you need leave (attending or organizing funerals etc). Mention the dates of your leave clearly and when you can be back to work. Leave letter for condolence can also be submitted after the leaves and completing up all the formalities.

Here we had shared few Sample Leave Request for Death in Family :-

  1. Simple Funeral Leave Letter.
  2. Leave Letter for Death of Father.
  3. Leave Application for Death of Father-in-law.
  4. School Leave Request for Death in Family by Parents.
  5. Requesting Leave to attend friend's burial.

Sample 1. Simple and short funeral leave letter or email:

Date ... ... ...


(Recipient's Name),


(Organization's Name),



(Sender's Name)

(Sender's Designation)


Subject : Leave for Attending Funeral

Mr. (Last name of Recipient) or Sir,

I would like to request a (..Number of days..) leave to attend my (..Relative name..) funeral. He/She passed away (..Day- today/yesterday) and the funeral will be held in (Name of location).

Hence, I expect to be gone from the office from (Start date) to (End date), be back to work on the (Return date). I can be contacted on my (Personal number/email address) during the leave.

Thanking you.



Sender's Name

leave letter for attending funeral

Sample 2. Leave request letter or email for death of father:

Date 03.07.2021


Robert Smith,

Vice President HR,

XYZ Corporation,

1635 Victoria Park Ave,

Toronto, Canada


James Johnson

Assistant Manager,

XYZ Corporation.

Subject : Request for Leave on Death of Father

Mr. Smith,

With full regret I have to inform you that my father passed away last night. He had been suffering from Kidney disease for quite a long time (Mention your actual cause). Everything that I have learned in my entire life was due to his presence. Sadly he is not among us anymore.

The funeral would be held tomorrow at 10 am at my village in Ontario. Hence, I would like to ask for a leave of absence from July 3 to 5, So I can pay my last respects. I will be back to work on the 6 July.

Thanking You.

Yours sincerely,


James Johnson

Sample 3. Leave Application for Death of Father-in-law.

Date 05.10.2021


Michael Smith,

HR Manager,

ABC Corporation,

3650 Rosecrans Street,

San Diego, CA.

Subject: Request for leave to attend funeral of my father in law.

Dear Smith,

There is the unfortunate event of my father-in-law’s death that I write to you. He was under treatment in hospital, but ailment increased and was uncontrolled from last month. He was very kind to me and my family, may God rest him in peace.

It is necessary for my family to attend the funeral and present at all the rituals. Therefore, I request you to kindly grant me leave for two days, from 06.10.2021 to 08.10.2021. I expect to be back to work on 09.10.2021. My pending assignment will handle by my Colleague Mr. Johnson in my absence.

Your co-operation is deeply appreciated. Thank you.



David Wilson,

Manager Marketing,

ABC Corporation,

San Diego, CA.

Leave Application for Death of Father-in-law

Sample 4. School Leave Application for Death in Family by Parents

Date 15.05.21


The Principal,

Kambala School,

Rose bay, New South Wales,


Subject: Request for leave for my Son

Dear Sir,

Please be informed that my husband’s brother has passed away. He was the best uncle my son had. They were both very close and loved each other a lot. May God rest him in peace.

I request you to kindly grant my son, Albert wilson of grade 3A, four days leave i.e. from 15th May, 2021 to 18th May, 2021, So that we can attend the funeral in Melbourne and observe the memorial services thereafter.

I shall remain grateful to you.

Thanks & Regards,


Mrs. Jessica Mauboy

M/O Albert wilson,

Roll No. 25, Grade 3A,

Kambala School,

NSW, Australia.

Sample 5. Request for Leave to attend friend's burial

Date 07.05.2021


Manager HR,

ABC Finance Corp.,

2507, Burlington Tower, Al Abraj Street,

Dubai (United Arab Emirates).

Subject : Request for Leave to attend burial

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am feeling very sad to inform you regarding the death of my close friend due to heart attack. He has passed away today morning and it is necessary for my family to attend the funeral and present at all the rituals. 

Hence, I would like to take leaves from 07.05.21 to 08.05.21. I have submitted all my reports to my team leader. I hope you will understand my situation and grant me leaves for the above-mentioned dates. I will be resuming my duties on 09.05.21.

Thanking You.



Mohamed Salim,

Manager IT,

ABC Finance Corp.,

Dubai (UAE).

Note: You can modify the contents of these letters as per your requirement.

If you have any questions or suggestions, comment below. If you find these letter samples useful, then share it with your friends.

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