Police complaint letter samples | FIR application format and tips

Learn, how to write an application to the police to register an FIR? (Sample letters of complaint to police for lost, stolen, assault etc.)

Writing a letter to the police for a complaint or a FIR (First Information Report) : Often when an incident - like a bike, mobile phone, bicycle, document, etc. is stolen or lost, someone assaulted you, fraud etc. - If this happens, the victim goes to the concerned police station and informs them and gives the entire incident in writing. 

After that the information is recorded by the police station for further necessary action.

police complaint letter sample
If any such criminal incident happens to you and you want to take legal action against that person and get him punished in the court, or to compensate for the loss incurred during the incident, then first of all you have to go to the police station to file a complaint against that person.

In such a situation, how to write a complaint letter to the police, it has been shown here!

  1. Complaint about lost of things.
  2. Complaining of stolen goods.
  3. Complaint of assault or harassment.

#Sample 1 (Complaint of lost and missing goods)



Gandhi maidan Police station,

Patna - 1.

Subject: Regarding notice of missing my original document.


I, Mukesh kumar, age 32, resident of Ganga Apartment, Gandhi Maidan, Patna-1 and want to inform you that today while traveling by bus from Bankipur Bus Stand to Patna Junction, I have lost my original certificates along with 2 ATM cards. These items were in a leather bag, which I left on the bus seat. When I realized, after that I tried to locate the bus but I could not succeed.

Sir, to avoid any misuse of my above mentioned documents and ATM card, I seek your help and request you to kindly provide me a copy of this report by registering this incident, so that I can get the lost documents (duplicates) from the college.

List of lost items:

  1. Graduation certificates
  2. High School certificates
  3. 2 ATMs (Abc Bank and Xyz Bank)

I am attaching a copy of my identity card here, Hope you take necessary action as soon as possible.

Kind regards,

Mukesh kumar

S/O - Rameshwar Prasad

Ganga Apartment, 

Gandhi Maidan,


Date: 20/02/2021

#Sample 2 (Police Complaint for theft or stolen goods)


Police Station-In-charge,

Pirbahore Police station

Patna - 4.

Subject: Regarding theft of my bike/scooter.


I am Manish Sharma, age 35, a resident of Jamuna Apartment, Boring Road, Patna-14. This afternoon at around 1:30 pm I went to PMCH Hospital on my bike to treat my father. Due to overcrowding in the parking zone, I had to park my motorcycle outside the hospital. When I came back from the hospital I could not find my motorcycle there. I searched all around and questioned many people but nothing was found. The bike is 7 months old and has a black color.

My motorcycle details are:

Make- Hero

Model - Passion Pro (2020)

Chasis Number - HA 22334455

Registration Number - BR 44 C 1234

Therefore, you are requested to register an FIR based on the information about the theft of the motorcycle given by me and please take appropriate action.

Kind regards.

Yours faithfully,

Manish Sharma

Jamuna Apartment, Boring Road,


Date: 29/02/2021

Note: - Attach a copy of the vehicle's RC and identity card.

#Sample 3 (Complaint of assault or harassment to Police)


Police Station-In-charge,

Police station Bihta


Subject: Regarding to being assaulted/harassed.


I am Ganga Devi, age 35, resident of East Tola, Bihta. Chandrika Ram, the Sarpanch of my village, wanted to make Illicit relationship with me by giving many kinds of temptation. On not doing so, He started his bullying. 

He, along with other people from the village, came to my house suddenly around 6:00 am on January 15 and started beating my husband. When I stopped, Chandrika Ram grabbed my hair and dragged me to the side of the house. When my father-in-law started crying after holding the foot of the Sarpanch, he left me. I and my family are horrified and saddened by this type of abuse with me.

Therefore, I request you to please take appropriate action by registering an FIR based on the information given by me about the assault on me and my family, so that the convict can get appropriate punishment.

Kind regards.

Ganga Devi,

C/O - Jagjeevan Ram

Eastern Tola,

Bihta, Bihar.

Date: 18/02/2021

Tips: - Things to note in the application for FIR:

  1. Provide your full name, father's name and phone number for contact.
  2. Apply to the police station where the incident took place within the area. 
  3. Specify the time, date and day of occurrence of the incident with complete information of the place of occurrence/crime.
  4. If you lose your purse, bag or passport or any other item, then you should write the details of those goods in your complaint, for which the related documents or bills are very important.
  5. If the police personnel only sign on your complaint letter in the police station, then they need to register G.D (General Diary) number also.

If you have any questions or suggestions, comment below. If you find these letter samples useful, then share it with your friends.

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