Offer letter Vs appointment letter (A Complete information)

Know the difference between an offer, appointment and joining letter?

Sometimes people get confused between an offer letter and an appointment letter. Difference between offer letter and appointment letter is explained here:

Offer letter - When a company or organization decides to appoint a candidate, they often send a letter to let them know that they are offered a position.

This offer letter usually includes information about the work and salary. This may include details about other benefits that the employee expects, along with the date of commencement of work.

Offer and Appointment letter difference

The offer letter contains a time limit for the selected candidate to accept the job offer, and if there is no response from the candidate by that date, the company may choose to appoint another applicant instead.

After accepting the offer letter, the appointment letter is the next step in the conversation between the company and the employee.

Appointment letter :

It is a letter issued by the employer in the name of the employee, which confirms that the company or organization has offered the employee a position and he/she has signed the terms and agreement is accepted. The appointment letter is like a "license" which is also considered as a "guarantee" of the job. After obtaining this legal document, he/she becomes a family member of the company.

Appointment letter Vs joining letter:

Joining letter - A letter to be written while joining a job. When the appointment is made by the office, then the designated office and position is to be assumed. For this, after reaching there, appointed candidate has to write a letter to head officer of that office that I have arrived here today and am doing duty .. This is called 'Joining Report or Letter'.

Is an appointment letter necessary?

Yes. The appointment letter is important, the offer letter is issued to offer to join the company but the appointment letter is issued when a candidate joins the company by accepting with certain conditions mentioned in the letter.

In this, all the written information for the responsibilities related to the post, salary, allowances and details like transfer possibilities to other cities, requirement of tourism, notice period, PF and ESIC membership, probationary period etc. are important for the employee.

An appointment letter should always be written on the letterhead along with the company's logo. It should also contain the contact information of the person who wrote the letter. Above the letter, it should include a reference number for easy identification.

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