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Love letter for wife, girlfriend, boyfriend and husband from the heart!

Writing love letter means telling your deep feelings, through a letter to your wife, girlfriend and boyfriend or loved one. Through words, you can easily tell them what they mean in your life and why they are so special to you. 

Keep in mind, this letter is the medium through which your partner will understand better your feelings. If you are writing a letter to a special person in your life, first of all know about his likes and dislikes. Write only those things in the letter that they like and you should not forget to praise them.

If this is the first love letter for your future boyfriend or girlfriend, then its importance increases even more because the future of both of you depends on this letter.

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Best love letter samples for him or her

Sample 1. Love letter for girlfriend

Dear Sophia,

I have been trying to tell you something for some time, but I don't know why as soon as you come, I just keep looking at you and forget everything else. We have not met so many times till now but a few days ago I realized that you are very special to me. I want to share everything of my heart with you when you are not infront of me, but I can't speak anything as soon as you come infront. Therefore, today I am resorting to this letter so that I can tell you what you mean to me.

You understand the condition of my heart from the fact that when I see you, I start listening to music. If you laugh, it seems that the flowers have blossomed. As soon as you come, I feel a strange fragrance that pulls me towards you and my heartbeat is faster. It feels like just listening to you and watching you all day. 

Your style, way of speaking, respect for others make you different. I wanted my life partner like you. I also feel that if you are with me, then together we can make life easier. I don't know what you feel about me.

I have tried to express every feeling of my heart in this letter so that you can understand them and me. What is your opinion about me, please tell me. I will wait for your answer.

With love,


Sample 2. Love letter for boyfriend

Dear James,

I do not understand where to start and what will you think about me after reading this letter. But today, with great courage, I am going to tell you all that I had hidden in my heart for long time. Both of us have been friends for the last five years, but you are not only friends for me, but you are more than friends. I love your teasing, joking, everything and it makes me feel that you have a special place in my heart too.

Ever since you came into my life my life has changed completely. I see only you and you everywhere. Your style, way of speaking, respect for elders and love for little ones make you different. I want my life partner like you, who cares for me so much, support me at every turn of life and encourage me. I also feel that if you are with me, then together we can make life easier.

However, I cannot write all my feelings in this short letter, so I will just say that we are both perfect for each other. If you think the same about me, then no one will be more fortunate than me. Waiting for your reply.



Sweet and emotional love letter

Sample 3. Love letter for wife

Dear Soniya,

Today after marriage, I am writing a letter to you for the first time. Today our marriage is going to be completed for five years, but even today it seems as if it was only yesterday when you came to our house as a bride. I still remember those days very well and I can never forget that smile of yours. I believe that due to the race of life, I can no longer give you much time. But, I still love you as much as I used to do before.

Whatever you have done for me and my family in these five years, you are less appreciated for it. Along with home and job, you are also doing well for the children. Sometimes I think how lucky I am that I have got a life partner like you. How would my life without you, assuming I am simmering. I am thankful to God that they have given me a precious gift like yours.

I wish that our whole life with it remains the same. This is my request to God to keep you happy like this so that I can see your beautiful smiling face all the time. One last thing I will say is that I love you very much and thank you for coming into my life.

Your husband,


Sample 4. Love letter for husband

Dear James,

To tell how much I love you, this letter and the words written in it will fall short. I want to express my true love for you through this letter. The day I met you for the first time, I felt that you too are like other boys. But, with time every day you have proved me wrong. I have got the best soul mate as you. 

You are not only a good husband but also my best friend. The friend who has not only supported me at every turn but has always encouraged me. You are the reason that today I am a good housewife as well as a successful businessman.

Being with you boosts my confidence and I feel safe everywhere. You have fully proved that the girl needs no prince to be happy, but a person who always keeps her partner happy, loves and respects her. Thank you for handling me and raising my tantrums for so many years. 

I am confident that in the coming time our relationship will be even stronger. May God keep you stay like that forever with me and take my tantrums. Every dream of yours is fulfilled and you will always be happy. One more thing should always remain the same because there is no one else like you in the whole world.

Your wife


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