Complaint letter to the Municipal Corporation for Cleaning of garbage, sewer and drainage etc.

Sample letter to the Municipal Corporation for cleaning

For problem regarding cleanliness, a application letter can be write to the Mayor (Chairman), Municipal Commissioner, Executive Officer or City Manager of the Municipality for cleaning up the garbage, drainage and waste etc.

Application letter to the Municipality for cleaning

Sample Complaint letter to the Municipal Corporation :

Municipal Commissioner / Executive Officer / City Manager,
XYZ Municipal Corporation.

Subject: Regarding cleanliness in the locality.

We, residents of Station Road of Ward 10, want to draw your attention to the cleanliness malpractices in the locality through this letter. The cleanliness situation in our area is very bad. There are piles of dirt along the roads. Scavengers or cleaning staffs rarely come. Drains overflows everywhere due to which dirty water spreads on the road, then mosquitoes start to grow in it. Due to this, there is a risk of diseases like fever, malaria.

Due to the non-lifting of garbage, the roads smell bad. It has also become difficult to pass through the road due to the contaminated and deodorant environment. Nowadays Prime Minister's cleanliness mission is additionally happening but nothing is happening at the local level.

Therefore, you are requested to inspect our area and take appropriate action to arrange regular cleaning.

Thank you,

Station Road,
Ward 10

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